A Fractional Use Interest in a Cottage is a solution to the high price of a
family vacation cottage destination. It offers most of the traditional benefits of Full Ownership,
while eliminating the burden of maintenance, security, carrying costs and
other unnecessary expenses.

Surveys show that most Canadian cottage owners donít have the time available
to take full advantage of their cottages. Many of the days they do spend at the cottage
are devoted to cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

At The Gone Fish Inn, owners buy one or more Memberships
of cottage use in a specific cottage with a maximum 10 Memberships per cottage.
Each Membership entitles the owners to five great weeks of cottage time spread equally
throughout the seasons. Family groups within your extended family or
groups of friends can purchase back to back Memberships which increase the usage.
Members can also take advantage of the In House Rental Program that is available.
Purchasing a Membership with the Fractional Use Interest
can be exchanged, sold or inherited for future generations to enjoy!

Fractional Use is a quality cottage lifestyle choice that makes The Gone Fish Inn
a surprisingly affordable option for an enduring family gathering spot and vacation place
for your family which all generations can enjoy.

The Membership Schedule provides each member with a schedule of use.
Each family has an equal right of possession of the property in our 1/10th membership use system,
5 weeks a year. Our system does not have a fixed week in the summer,
unlike many other programs.

We felt if everyone is an equal member, all should enjoy equal access to the best weeks of the year.

This system is very clear, removing any questions and concerns regarding the usage weeks.
Any member can forecast when they have the usage of the property years in advance.

For members wanting a longer holiday you can always swap your weeks with other members.

Each year has two property maintenance weeks for required property care and cleanup.
Spring week is the first check in date of May and the fall week is the first check in date of November.

The chart below is a 1/0th membership occupancy schedule.
Occupancy - 2 weeks Maintenance

When looking over the schedule you will find that you have
five weeks of use per year. The schedule is rotated by one week
backwards every year to allow for the change in the
summer weeks from year to year. This rotation is done during the weeks
of summer which fall between July and September of each year.

Every family has equal usage, our key to a fair and equitable program.