The option to purchase a Membership with a Fractional Use Interest in a Cottage
expands the Second Home Market creating a whole new opportunity for every family
to enter the Lakefront Resort Cottage Lifestyle. It also appeals to the buyer that can afford
the Full Ownership but prefers not to deal with all the upkeep and hassle.
After all, "you get the same realistic use as you would for an outright purchase, but for a fraction
of the price. Do you really want to spend 100% of the price on a product you use 5 weeks in a year,
or pay a fraction of the cost for the same usage".

At the Gone Fish Inn Resort
the Membership Options of Fractional Use Interest in a Cottage or Full Cottage Right of Use
is available with the added advantage of maintenance and management taken care of
by others with the added option of submitting unused time for possible rental
through the In House Program.